Frequency converters


Frequency Converters and Motor Generators

Frequency Converters and Motor Generators
●Rotary Frequency ConvertersforTestPowerSupply (Production range:1to300 kVA)
Provide a high quality, stable power that static converters cannot. 
These converters work effectively when the power of a different frequency than that offered by the commercial power supply is required for testing. (Example: When a 50Hz power supply is needed in a 60Hz region, or vice-versa)
These rotary converters provide a quality power supply with minimal waveform distortion, something not obtainable with static converters.
In addition to fixed frequency models, variable frequency output models are also available.
●Motor Generators for a Stable Power Supply (Production range: 1 to 150 kVA)
These motor generators protect against instantaneous power failures or voltage drops that can interfere with NC machine operations. They have a compact design, with the motor, generator and flywheel connected directly on a common bed.
●High-Frequency Motor Generators
Used to provide a 400Hz power source for testing aircraft equipment, and as a power supply source when testing electric appliances that require high frequencies.
We manufacture both induction motors and synchronous motors. These offer a compact construction with the motor and generator integrated. Another type, in which the motor and generator are directly connected on a common bed, can also be provided.
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