High-Speed Motors


▌High Speed Motors

▌High Speed Motors
●Three-Phase, Squirrel-Cage, High-Speed Motors
Lightweight, robust and stylish motors that can run at 18,000 min-1.
Compact and lightweight 18,000 min-1 high-speed motors have a wide range of applications, including use in dust collectors and blowers.
□ Characteristics
   Compact, lightweight, and stylish
     With the use of the aluminum frame and brackets, they are lighter and more stylish than conventional models.
   Constant torque characteristics (1 per 1/6).
     In combination with an inverter, 100% torque operation is enabled over a wide range.
•   Can be used anywhere.
     The totally-enclosed and fan-cooled construction allows use in any environment.
•   Low noise and low vibration
     The original design achieved very low noise and hardly any vibrations during high-speed operations.
•   Maintenance free                  
     With the grease lubrication system, no special lubricating device is required. Squirrel-cage motors are easy to operate.
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